We are a small Melbourne based business delivering Melbourne’s FIRST New York inspired cookies!
Having a huge sweet-tooth and always on the look out for Melbourne’s best and indulgent desserts, I realised we don’t really have much of a cookie culture.
What better way to ignite a cookie revolution, then to create huge indulgent cookies- kind of like the ones you would find in the U.S!
In the last few years the American food culture has become a huge trend and influencer on Melbourne’s insane food culture. New York is famous for it’s huge buildings, architecture and busy street culture.
Our cookies are the same.. HUGE in size and BUSY with all the add-ins, fillings and flavour combinations.


Our cookies are a mix of gooey, MOIST and crunchy (do we sound tempting enough yet?)
We are calling it now, MELBOURNE’S BEST COOKIES, delivered straight to your door!
Did we mentioned they are not your average cookie?